NSDAP Cap Eagle 1aNSDAP Cap Eagle 1b

G.1- SA Cap Eagle- $35. SOLD


1936 Lion Tinnie 1a1936 Lion Tinnie 1b

G.3- Kameradsschafts Treffen 2 August 1936 Tinnie- $35. ON HOLD

G.4- Early SA Cap Badge- Nicely marked badge in good condition with all attachment pins. $45. SOLD

G.5- Czech Occupation Medal- Excellent condition. $40.

Hindenberg Cross 1aHindenberg Cross 1b

G.6- Hindenburg Cross- Excellent condition with original ribbon and maker marked. $20.

German Olympic Badge 1aGerman Olympic Badge 1b

G.7- 1936 Olympic Badge- $26. ON HOLD

EK2 1914 Non-Combatant 1aEK2 1914 Non-Combatant 1b

G.8- WWI Iron Cross 2nd Class for Non-Combatants- Medal is in good condition with excellent old ribbon. $125. ON HOLD

German Pith Helmet Shield 1aGerman Pith Helmet Shield 1b

G.9- German Pith Helmet Shield- $16. ON HOLD
German Woman's RAD Brooch 1aGerman Woman's RAD Brooch 1b

G.10- Woman’s RAD Brooch- $45.

German Stickpins

G.11- German Stickpins- All pins are $20 each. #4 on hold #2 on hold #1 on hold #3 on hold

German Social Weffare Pin 1aGerman Social Weffare Pin 1b

G.12- German Social Welfare Stick Pin- $35. ON HOLD

G.13- WWI EKII w/Ribbon Bar- $100.

Edelweiss Pin 1aEdelweiss Pin 1b

G.14- Edelweiss Cap Badge- $35.

Heer Breast Eagle 1aHeer Breast Eagle 1b

G.15- German Breast Eagle- $30.

Goring Donation Tinnie 1aGoring Donation Tinnie 1b

G.16- Hermann Goring Quote Tinnie- $16.

Luft Tinnie 1aLuft Tinnie 1b

G.17- Luftwaffe Tinnie- $16.

Luftwaffe Stick Pin 1bLuftwaffe Stick Pin 1a

G.18- Luftwaffe Stick Pin- $16. ON HOLD
Round Pilot Badge 1aRound Pilot Badge 1b

G.19- Round Pilot Badge- Some say they are authentic and others say they are not authentic!
I don’t know but I am offering this for $50.

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