Luftwaffe Gunner Badge 1aLuftwaffe Gunner Badge 1bLuftwaffe Gunner Badge 1eLuftwaffe Gunner Badge 1cLuftwaffe Gunner Badge 1d

G.1- Luftwaffe Air Gunner Qualification Badge- Nice early badge made from tombak. Excellent condition with “Jmme & Sohn, Berlin” Maker mark. $425.SOLD
Bullion Police Arm Eagle 1aBullion Police Arm Eagle 1b

G.2- Bullion Police Sleeve Eagle- Patch is in good condition. $200.

Heer "T" Cap Eagle 1aHeer "T" Cap Eagle 1b

G.3- Heer “T” Cap Insignia- Removed from caplet in good condition. $35. ON HOLD

Heer Bullion Eagle 1aHeer Bullion Eagle 1b

G.4- Heer Officer Breast Eagle- Removed from uniform. Green wool background. $65.

Bevo Gold SA Cloth Sports Badge 1aBevo Gold SA Cloth Sports Badge 1b

G.5- Bevo Gold Sa Sports Badge Insignia- $40. SOLD
Bronze Bomber Clasp 1aBronze Bomber Clasp 1b

G.6- Bronze Grade Bomber Clasp- Early clasp manufactured from bronze metal. Excellent condition with natural patina. $325. SOLD
Cloth NSKK Insignia 1aCloth NSKK Insignia 1b

G.7- NSKK Cloth Insignia- Excellent condition with wool background. $200.

Heer Breast Eagle 2aHeer Breast Eagle 2b

G.8- Heer Cloth Breast Eagle- Patch has been removed from scrapbook. $15.

Heer Cloth Cap Badge 2aHeer Cloth Cap Badge 2b

G.9- Heer Cloth Cap Insignia- $35.

Heer Trap Cap Insignia 1aHeer Trap Cap Insignia 1b

G.10- Unissued Heer Cap Insignia- $45.

Heer Tropical Breast Eagle 1aHeer Tropical Breast Eagle 1b

G.11- Heer Tropical Breast Eagle- Removed from uniform. $150. ON HOLD
Kriegsmarine Blur Cap Eagle 1aKriegsmarine Blur Cap Eagle 1b

G.12- Blue Wool Kriegmarine Cap Eagle- $45.

Kriegsmarine Bullion Breast Eagle 1aKriegsmarine Bullion Breast Eagle 1b

G.13- Kriegsmarine Officer Bullion Eagle- Eagle is in good condition. $75.

Luft Bullion Cap Eagle 1aLuft Bullion Cap Eagle 1b

G.14- Luftwaffe Bullion Cap Eagle- Removed from cap with some corrosion to bullion. $70. SOLD
Navy Coastal Artillery Breast Eagle 1aNavy Coastal Artillery Breast Eagle 1b

G.15- Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery Breast Eagle- $45.

G.16- TENO Stickpin- Pin is in good condition and numbered. $150.

G.17- Heim Ins Reich Enamel Pin- Nice pin with maker mark. $90.SOLD

G.18- Frauenschaft Enamel Pin- Larger size pin in good condition. $45.

G.19- Red Cross Helper Enamel Pin- $75.SOLD

G.20- 1942 Italian-Hungarian- German Shooting Award- Unusual late-war medal for a shooting competition. $20.

G.21- Hitler Youth Shooting Award- Badge is in good condition. $100.SOLD
NSDAP Metal Visor Eagle 1aNSDAP Metal Visor Eagle 1b

G.22- NSDAP Visor Hat Eagle- $45.

Radio Operator Badge 1aRadio Operator Badge 1bRadio Operator Badge 1cRadio Operator Badge 1dRadio Operator Badge 1e

G.23- Luftwaffe Radio Operator Badge- “Jmme & Sohn, Berlin” maker in good condition. $350. SOLD
SA CAp Eagle 1aSA CAp Eagle 1b

G.24- SA Cap Insignia- $45.SOLD

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