Field Grade Officer's Hat 1aField Grade Officer's Hat 1b

V.1- US Field Grade Officer’s Visor Hat- Hat by “Top Rank” is in good condition with man’s identification card.
$45 includes postage.

Senior Airborne Wings 1aSenior Airborne Wings 1b

V.2- Silver Senior Airborne Wings- “M22” (N.S. Meyer) and silver marked wings in tarnished condition. $35.

22nd SF Aviation Detach w:stripe 1a22nd SF Aviation Detach w:stripe 1b

V.3- 22nd Special Forces Aviation Detachment Flash and “Candy Stripe”- The 22nd aviation detachment was constituted in the regular Army as the 22nd Special Warfare Aviation Detachment in March 1962 and activated at Fort Bragg, NC. In June 1962 the unit was reorganized and re-designated as the 22nd Aviation Detachment (Special Forces). The detachment was inactivated in December 1963.

V.4-  Mobile Riverine Force Pins- Pins are in good condition with correct screw-on attachments. 
These attachment clutches are seldom found with the pins. $75@ or $140 for both.
Rt Vermont 1aRt Vermont 1b

V.5- RT Vermont- $200.

Navy Air Crew Wings 1aNavy Air Crew Wings 1b

V.6- US Navy Air Crew Wings- $15.

Mini Medal Bar

V.7- National Defense/American Campaign Mini Ribbon Bar- $10.

SVN Subdued LTC Rank 1aSVN Subdued LTC Rank 1b

V.8- Subdued SVN LTC Rank Insignia- $35.

Vietnam Service Medal 1aVietnam Service Medal 1b

V.9- In-Country Made Vietnam Service Medal- Medal is in good condition with French attachment pins. $20.

SVN Subdued Recon Badge

V.10- Subdued Hand Embroidered SVN Recon Qualification Badge- $35. ON HOLDSVN Subdued Ranger Badge

V.11- Subdued SVN Ranger Qualification Badge- $35.

MEDTC Arc 1aMEDTC Arc 1b

V.12- MEDTC Arc- Thai made insignia. $40.

Rt California 1aRt California 1b

V.13- RT California- $200.

205th Aviation Company Hanger 1a205th Aviation Company Hanger 1b

V.14- 205th Aviation Company “Geronimos” Pocket Hanger- $75.

Rt Illinois 1aRt Illinois 1b

V.15- RT Illinois- Luong Phan made patch in good condition. $200.

5th Group Beret Flash

V.16- 1960s Special Forces 5th Group Flash- $20.

Color SVN Ranger Badge

V.17- SVN Ranger Qualification Badge- $35.

US Army Pilot Wings

V.18- Hand Embroidered SVN US Army Pilot’s Badge- $35.

V.19- 1960s Special Forces Shoulder Patch- $25.

D22 SF Harps 1aD22 SF Harps 1b

V.20- Special Forces “Harps” Marked “D22”- Two 1960s harps with small D22 and large D22. $25.

Rt Washington 1aRt Washington 1b

V.21- RT Washington- $200.

In-Country Hat 1aIn-Country Hat 1b

V.22- In-Country Made US Army “Baseball” Cap- $35.

Airmobile Arc

V.23- Airmobile Arc- In-country made arc in good condition. $20.

A-303 Mobile Guerrilla Patch 1aA-303 Mobile Guerrilla Patch 1b

V.24- A-303 Mobile Guerrilla 957 Patch- $150.

Subdued 125th Trans Command 1aSubdued 125th Trans Command 1b

V.25- 125th Transportation Command Patch- $25.

SVN Made Aircrew Wing

V.26- Aircrew Wing- In-country made patch in good condition. $20.

Subdued Rigger Wing

V.27- Subdued In-Country Made Rigger Wing- $40.

Thai RT Mamba 1aThai RT Mamba 1b

V.28- Thai Made RT Mamba Patch- $200.

43rd FANK Training Battalion 1a43rd FANK Training Battalion 1b

V.29- FANK 43rd Individual Training Battalion- $90.

4th Transportation Command 1a4th Transportation Command 1b

V.30- 4th Transportation Command- $30.

75th Ranger Para Oval 1a75th Ranger Para Oval 1b

V.31- 75th Ranger Airborne Oval- Unissued condition. $30.

173rd Airborne Brigade Patch

V.32- 173rd Airborne Brigade Patch- Non-merrowed edge patch that has been removed
from uniform. $25.

18th Engineer Brigade 1a18th Engineer Brigade 1b

V.33- 18th Engineer Brigade Patch- $20.

Thai Special Forces Patch 1aThai Special Forces Patch 1b

V.34- Thai Made Special Forces Subdued Patch- $40.

SVN Marine Cap Badge 1aSVN Marine Cap Badge 1b

V.35- SVN Marine Cap/Collar Insignia- $30.

Khmere Arc

V.36- République Khmere Arc- $30.

1st Signal Brigade

V.37- Hand Embroidered 1st Signal Brigade Patch- $20.

1st Logistical Command

V.38- Hand Embroidered 1st Logistical Command Patch- $20.

In-Country Hat 2aIn-Country Hat 2b

V.39- In-Country Made Cap-Hat is in good condition with hand embroidered LTC subdued rank insignia. $45.

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