Baldwin Dog Tags

V.1- LTC Daniel Baldwin’s Dog Tags- LTC Baldwin was the last commander of SOG. Good condition. $100.

Mushroom Patch 1aMushroom Patch 1b

V.2- US Air Force Son Tay Raider Patch- $150.

V.3- Rt Washington Patch- Luong Phan made patch in excellent condition. $200.

Armed Forces Honor Medal 1st Class 1aArmed Forces Honor Medal 1st Class 1b

V.4- SVN Armed Forces Honor Medal 1st Class- Vietnamese made medal in good condition. $35.

Armed Forces Honor Medal 2nd Class 1aArmed Forces Honor Medal 2nd Class 1b

V.5- SVN Armed Forces Honor Medal 2nd Class- Vietnamese made medal in good condition. $35.

US Jump Wing 1aUS Jump Wing 1b

V.6- US Army Jump Qualification Wings- Silver, clutch back wings in good condition. $40.

Gallantry Cross w:Palm 1aGallanty Cross w:Palm 1b

V.7- Vietnam Gallantry Cross w/Palm- Vietnamese made medal in good condition. $35.

RVN Campaign Medal 1aRVN Campaign Medal 1b

V.8- Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal- Vietnamese made medal in good condition. $35.

SVN Mini VN Campaign and Gallantry

V.9- RVN Campaign Medal and SVN Gallantry Cross w/Star Miniatures- $25.

V.10- 1950s Wool SVN Airborne Shoulder Patch- Rare original patch for the early SVN airborne. Patch was pinned on the soldier’s shoulder to be able to remove it for cleaning. $150.

V.11- SVN Officer Armor Beret Badge- Removed from beret. $45.

V.12- Early C-119 Gunship Patch-Patch is in good condition. $225.

V.13- US Combined Material Exploitation Center, Vietnam Patch-This unauthorized patch was used by the Material Exploitation Center whose mission was to collect enemy equipment for evaluation and testing. Patch is in unissued condition. $75. ON HOLD

LLDB Beret Insignia 1a

LLDB Beret Insignia 1b

V.14- LLDB Beret Badge- Unissued badge. $100.

V.15- SVN Ranger School Cadre Epaulet Insignia- $30.

V.16- In-Country Made US Army Master Airborne Wing- $35.

V.17- Vietnam Service Medal Complete in box. $15.

V.18- Unissued 1965 Gas Mask w/Canvass Case- $45.

V.19- 1968 Dated Rip-Stop Boonie Hat- Unissued hat still in original plastic bag! Size 7 1/8 and dated. $45.

V.20- 11th Air Assault Patch- Unissued. $10.

V.21- Air Assault Qualification Wing- $20.

SVN Mini Medal Bar

V.22- US Made SVN Miniature Medal Bar- $20.

SVN Marine Beret Patch 1aSVN Marine Beret Patch 1b

V.23- SVN Marine Beret Badge- Unissued condition. $125.

173rd Airborne Oval

V.24- 173rd Airborne Brigade Para Oval- In-country made badge in excellent condition. $45.

Airmobile Arc

V.25- Airmobile Arc- In-country made arc in good condition. $20.

Early 5th Group Flash

V.26- 1960s Non-Merrowed Edge 2nd Pattern 5th Group Flash- $15. 

Legion of Merit Medal 1aLegion of Merit Medal 1b

V.27- Legion of Merit Medal- Unissued condition. $40.

MACV Patch

V.23- US Made MACV Patch- Removed from uniform. $5. 
SVN Made Aircrew Wing

V.24- Aircrew Wing- In-country made patch in good condition. $20.

SVN Made Col. Wings Insignia

V.25- Col. Rank and Pilot’s Wings Patch- In-country made in excellent condition. $20.

SVN Master Airborne Wing 1a

V.26- Master SVN Airborne Wings- In-country made subdued wings in excellent condition. $25.

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